Riding Guidelines

The standard formation, under good conditions of road, traffic, and weather, will be a double row, staggered, in one traffic lane. The interval will be no less than one second between staggered riders.

The LEAD ROAD CAPTAIN will be at the head of the group, and typically will ride just to the left of the lane center. Other Road Captains, may be assigned positions within the group, which will be followed by the rear Road Captain or the “Sweep.”

New members, guests, and any riders with little experience in group riding will be positioned at the front of the group just behind the Lead Road Captain. Each rider should maintain his/her starting lineup position in the group until arrival at the destination. This allows each rider to become familiar with the riding style and habits of those nearest him/her in the group, and is particularly important for the new and inexperienced group riders.

Under certain conditions, the Lead Road Captain will signal the group to form a single file formation. (This is often done after the group has passed an intersection, and allows the Road Captains to return to their assigned positions.) The signal is the left arm held overhead with the hand extended (chopping motion). Drop back a safe following distance from the rider in front of you, and move into a single file. DO NOT RETURN TO DOUBLE FILE FORMATION UNTIL SIGNALED BY THE LEAD ROAD CAPTAIN!

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